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Food Delivery

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A user-friendly platform that allows users in Saudi Arabia to easily order and pick up their favorite food from any restaurant.

+ User-friendly platform for online food ordering and pickup

+ Admin portal for managing restaurants, users, and orders

+ Restaurant app for managing orders, menu, and revenue

+ User app for browsing nearby restaurants, ordering food, and making online payments

+ Integration with MapBox for location and HyperPay for online payments

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Technologies Used

+ Frontend : Java, Swift

+ Backend : Laravel

+ Database : MYSQL

+ Hosting : AWS

+ Payment Gateway : HyperPay

+ 3rd party services : MapBox API, SMS Gateway

User App Features:


+ List of nearby restaurants with ratings and reviews

+ Add food to cart and place an order

+ Make online payments with HyperPay

+ Real-time tracking of traffic and food preparation time

+ Pickup food from the restaurant and enjoy

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Revolutionizing the food industry in Saudi Arabia with our online food ordering platform. Order from any restaurant and pickup at your convenience, all in one app.