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FitConnect - Fitness app for Trainers and Clients

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Empowering Fitness Journeys: Inside the FitConnect Experience

FitConnect is an innovative platform designed to bridge the gap between fitness professionals and clients, offering seamless online and in-person training solutions. Whether you're seeking personalized guidance or looking to manage your fitness business, FitConnect provides the tools for success in one intuitive app.

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Technologies Used

+ Frontend : Flutter

+ Backend : Nodejs

+ Database : MongoDB

+ Hosting : AWS

+ 3rd party services : FirebaseChat, Firebase storage

Admin Panel


+ Complete access and control over the entire platform, including user activity, content, features, and settings for both the trainer and client sides.

+ Advanced tools for analyzing user data, financial transactions, growth metrics, and performance statistics across the entire platform.

+ Robust security settings and user permissions to ensure safe and appropriate use of the platform, along with the ability to manage administrative roles and responsibilities.

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Trainer App

+ Allows trainers to build and customize workout and nutrition plans tailored to each client's goals and preferences.

+ Enables detailed monitoring of clients' progress through metrics, photos, and performance data, helping trainers make informed adjustments.

+ Streamlines appointment setting and offers in-app messaging for constant, direct communication with clients.

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FitConnect revolutionizes the fitness industry by seamlessly connecting trainers, clients, and gym owners through a comprehensive online platform. Offering tailored workout plans, progress tracking, and efficient management tools, it empowers every user to achieve their fitness and business goals efficiently. Embrace a connected, healthier future with FitConnect.