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FeastQuest : Discover Culinary Delights & Unique Experiences

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FeastQuest : Discover Culinary Delights & Unique Experiences

FeastQuest is a unique platform inviting food enthusiasts and adventurers alike to explore authentic culinary experiences and local activities. Connect as a Host, Guest, or Admin to dive into a world of flavor and fun. Whether you're sharing your cooking skills, tasting local delicacies, or managing the community, FeastQuest is your gateway to memorable, mouth-watering journeys.

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Technologies Used

+ Frontend : Flutter & ReactJS

+ Backend : Nodejs

+ Database : MongoDB

+ Hosting : AWS

+ 3rd party services : Google Maps, Email services, AWS SES, Paragon Payment Gateway

Guest App


+ Receive and respond to reviews to improve your offerings and grow your reputation within the FeastQuest community.

+ Get suggestions based on your past bookings and reviews to continuously enhance your adventure.

+ Enjoy a seamless booking process with secure payments and transparent policies.

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Embark on FeastQuest to elevate your culinary adventures and local explorations. Join as a Host, Guest, or Admin and be part of a community that celebrates the art of good food and memorable experiences. Taste, share, and manage with ease - all on one platform. Ready for your next adventure? FeastQuest awaits!