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Your personal

finance coach in

your pocket

Offers a step-by-step process and insights to help users save money and create wealth.

+ Eight-step process for creating an effective budget

+ Insights tab with graphs and charts to track spending

+ Free and premium budgeting videos available

+ Personalized progress panel to track savings and areas for improvement

+ User-friendly interface for budget management, expense tracking, and monthly budget creation.

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Technologies Used

+ Frontend : AngularJS

+ Backend : Laravel

+ Database : MYSQL

+ Hosting : AWS

+ 3rd party services : Stripe Payment Gateway

User web app


+ Sign up and log in with email verification

+ Create monthly budget and track expenses

+ Watch videos to learn and check insights on expenses

+ View progress panel and insights on loan, mortgage, and credit card expenses

+ Manage finances with charts and graphs.

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Users can track their expenses in real-time, categorize them, and view them in easy-to-read charts and graphs.