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EasyPay is a user-friendly platform that provides a hassle-free experience for making international payments.

+ Secure and reliable international money transfers

+ Low transaction fees and competitive exchange rates

+ User-friendly interface with intuitive design

+ Quick and hassle-free registration process

+ Multiple payment options and transfer methods available

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Technologies Used

+ Frontend : Laravel, Java, Swift

+ Backend : Laravel

+ Database : MYSQL

+ Hosting : Google Cloud

+ 3rd party services : Stripe payment, Zelle payment, Twilio SMS and emails

User Web and Mobile App


+ Select countries and transfer amount

+ Add and select receivers for transfer

+ Upload verification documents

+ Choose transfer method - Manual bank transfer, Credit/Debit transfer, or Zelle transfer

+ Track transfer status and receive notifications on progress.

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EasyPay is a payment platform that simplifies international money transfers and reduces fees.